2011 international essay contests for young people

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2011 international essay contests for young people

Pro-democracy protests in Beijing, China, Analysts and commentators have debated the likelihood of a similar round of popular protests and demonstrations in China. Could such uprisings shake the foundations of the Communist Party rule in China?

The Chinese authorities became concerned that these protests and demonstrations could trigger similar social unrest in China. During the early stage of the Arab Spring, the Chinese state media—mostly controlled by the Chinese government—effectively ignored the existence of the protests and demonstrations in the Middle East and North Africa MENA.

During these protests, the most common complaints shouted by protesters were: These factors have created accumulated tensions in China, fueling a growing problem of social instability. Ben Ali was tried in absentia at the Tunis criminal court in June for his corrupt practices and drug trafficking.

The widespread corruption in China is acute and persistent, and has become one of the top driving forces for popular social discontent. Research confirms that the high rate of corruption in China is at a comparable level to that in Tunisia and Egypt.

2011 international essay contests for young people

These protests were motivated mostly by land seizures that are linked to complaints over official corruption. One of the largest anti-corruption protests recently was the Wukan protest, which began in September and ended at the end of December Unemployment Another powerful social force behind the protests and demonstrations across the Middle East and North African region is the inability of governments to provide jobs for their people.

As the global economic growth has slowed down sincemany Chinese workers have lost their jobs. The official unemployment rate in China was reported at 4. Over 60 percent of high school graduates in China now go to universities for higher education.

Excessive wealth is amassed in the hands of a few, and socioeconomic inequality has widened even further in China.

2011 international essay contests for young people

China's large income gap threatens social unrest due to severe levels of inequality. Inflation and Rising Prices Finally, in addition to corruption, unemployment and socioeconomic inequality, another major concern in China is inflation and rising prices. From food to clothes to fuel to housing, prices have risen across the board in China.

The cost of food items continue to climb; gas is more expensive than it is in the U. S; with the money paid for a small apartment in a third or second-tier city in China, people can comparatively afford a nice three-bedroom house with a big yard in the Midwest in the U.

The average monthly salary in China is only about USD. If this situation deteriorates to the point that the majority of the Chinese cannot afford food and other basic living needs, social unrest may follow.

China is unlikely to have its own Arab Spring Despite these critical drivers of social unrest, it is unlikely for a version of the Arab Spring to occur in China, at least in the near term, for reasons related to the Chinese culture and political system.

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Western scholars may argue that such factors as corruption—in this case, political cronyism— and a public inflicted with widespread discontent pose serious threats to the Chinese government and may result in popular social unrest, but in this there is a general lack of an appropriate cultural perspective.

The absence of a cultural approach is a common critique of political theory: Pye in Political Culture Revisited. However, they may question whether the culture is strong enough to prevent social protests against corruption, high unemployment, social inequality and inflation from boiling over into widespread rebellion that may lead to a revolution.

What exactly is in such political culture that would have such an overriding power over contrary forces? There are a few factors, rooted in Chinese culture, that keep China away from revolution, at least, for the next few years.

Political cronyism, corruption and a perceived lack of fairness areby no means the products of modern times; they have a very strong historical background in China, and they have been part of Chinese political culture for thousands of years. It generally involves internal struggles for special privileges or a certain position of authority.

Corruption itself is a key theme in the history of Chinese political culture. Looking through Chinese history, no dynasty had collapsed singularly because of corruption. The replacement of dynasties in Chinese history was a result of combined factors.

Again, rebellion in the Ming Dynasty broke out not because of corruption itself; rather the citizenry were politically mobilized after being rendered unable to make a living due to the widespread corruption, especially after a devastating famine.Litro and IGGY International Short Story Award For Young People - Secretary-General speech at opening of the UN General Assembly - University students essay writing competition The Drucker Challenge Essay contest.

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Notes on Prism International. Youth Unemployment and Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean August 16, May 26, COHA In , nearly 75 million young people between the ages of 15 and 24 were unemployed worldwide, and percent of those young people lived in Latin America, including the Caribbean.

[1]. Peace Pals is an International program designed to encourage youth, ages to become peacemakers dedicated to living in the spirit of the words, Participating in the annual Peace Pals Arts & Essay Contests.

Plan a School Field Trip to the World Peace Sanctuary: UNESCO International Essay Contest for Young People Deadline June 30, International Essay Contest for Young People.

Application Deadline: June 15, This annual essay contest is organized in an effort to harness the energy, creativity and initiative of the world’s youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development. It also aims to inspire society to learn from the young minds and to think.

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