How to write a netball match reports

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How to write a netball match reports

Image caption Telling the story of a match is more difficult than you might think Watching sport and writing about it is a dream job for many people. But how do you write a really good report which tells the story of the match and really makes the reader feel like they were there?

There's lots of different ways of going about it, but here are some general rules about the art of writing a match report. NB this guide is written with football in mind, but is equally applicable to lots of other team sports like rugby, hockey etc - and most of the basic principles can be applied to all kinds of other sports.

Is the manager under pressure? Is a young player being talked up as a candidate for his international team? Did somebody from the club say something interesting in the pre-match press conference? Try to anticipate what the story might be - but be prepared to ditch this idea if things don't turn out the way you expect!

All this information will help you when it comes to writing reports - making it more interesting than a list of "this happened, then that happened, then this other thing happened Image caption Remember the basics!

Don't overlook practical things! Try to get to the match in plenty of time so you soak up the atmosphere - it's very stressful struggling through traffic with kick-off approaching!

And check that you have everything you might need: Even if it's a school game and you're standing on the touchline, think about where you'll get the best view.

It's not a memory test, so don't turn it in to one! If you rely on memory, before you know it you'll be getting players' names mixed up and confused about the order that things happened in! Get your notepad out and get scribbling! One tried-and-tested method is to have a notepad and draw a line down the middle with the home team on one side and the away team on the other and jot things down whenever something of significance happened - in football, this would be goals, red and yellow cards, good chances, bad refereeing decisions etc.

Image copyright School Report Image caption Jotting down the action as it happens will help you recall all the important details And you also might note more general themes as they occur to you: You might want to develop your own shorthand eg YC for yellow card, MC for missed chance etc - as long as it saves you time and you can decipher it afterwards, it's fine!

At half-time, read back over your notes and highlight the most significant events - a missed chance in the first five minutes that seemed important at the time might not be quite so crucial if the team is up! See if any general themes are emerging - is one team losing possession too easily or is one player having a nightmare that is affecting his team?

Carry on with this in the second half. What was the most significant thing that happened? Was it a late wining goal, or an early sending-off? Or perhaps it was an easy chance squandered? Or is it the fact that one team has moved out of the relegation zone or gone top of the league?

One good test is to think about what you would tell your friends if they asked you about the game. If, for example, you were talking about Man City v Man Utd in Aprilyou probably wouldn't say " Don't feel like you have to mention everything you noted down - concentrate on the most important events.I don’t even want to write this post.

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how to write a netball match reports

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