How to write a radio soap opera

He has more than young adult and middle grade novels under his belt and has learned a lot of valuable lessons in his experience.

How to write a radio soap opera

They also ran for approximately 15 minutes and focused on a cast of central, recurring characters. Radio soap operas were also the first type of radio show to target women. After working as a voice-over artist and actress, Irna Phillips was approached by executives at WGN to write a minute daily show about a family geared toward a female audience.

She crafted a story centered on an Irish-American widow and her unmarried daughter. In addition to being the creator of the soap opera, Phillips has been credited with many other successful radio and, later, television devices.

She was the first to incorporate a suspenseful situation at the end of each episode later termed a cliff-hanger. She also used music as a transition from one scene to the next and she developed a deliberately slow pace to the show.

This way, women could listen while doing their household work without having to pay too close attention or miss something crucial. According to the Museum of Broadcast Communications, Phillips went on to create nine other radio soap operas. Her program "The Guiding Light" went on to run for a combined 70 years on radio and television.

Soap operas quickly became popular and supplanted most other daytime programming. Bynine out of every 10 network-sponsored daytime radio programs aired were soap operas [source: A good portion of these can be credited to Anne Hummert. Also like Phillips, Hummert established a number of devices that are now common plot twists in television today: So were the Buggles correct?

Did video really kill the radio star? Read on and find out. Behind the Box It took a lot of folks working together to put a radio show on the air.

In addition to the expected producers, directors, writers and cast, there were a few other crew members: The announcer usually started the show by reading a recap of the last episode and then setting the stage for the current episode. The organist or orchestra played the theme music for the show and small pieces to underscore a transition or cliff-hanger.

The sound effects technician was responsible for creating all of the sound effects that accompanied a show, like the sound of a car starting, a door shutting or a horse riding off into the sunset.

The supporting cast is made of extras or minimally recurring characters. The sponsor brought airtime to advertise during the show -- or the rights to lend their name to the title.Jul 21,  · Becoming a soap opera writer takes dedication, patience, and an ability to accept criticism, but it is possible to become a television writer if you 93%(15).

Thanks for listening to the soap opera.” – which suggests that the figurative use of soap opera connotes any unlikely, convoluted, or emotional story.

how to write a radio soap opera

Since then, soap-operatic and even soap-operatical have come into use as adjectives. A soap opera, often referred to simply as a soap, is a serial drama, on television or radio, that related story lines dealing with the lives of multiple characters.

The stories in these series typically focus heavily on emotional relationships to the point of melodrama. Soap opera scripts hold audiences spellbound, tumbling out one climax after another to feed the appetites of addicted fans.

Bob is the father of Erica’s baby and Denise is dying of a rare disease, yet only viewers are aware that the ex-boyfriend who vowed revenge falsified her test results.

Soap operas may remind you of the highly-successful Days of Our Lives, The Young and The Restless, and all their likes, but their success doesn’t translate well to writing.

Craft of Writing: Using Soap Operas To Learn How To Write A Character Driven Story by Todd Strasser

In fact, soap-opera writing is very likely to turn off your readers. Here’s how to spot it and cut it down to a minimum. Like you messaged to me, writing in a dramatic soap opera style is not a goal most novelists try to do.

My writing style is different from the standard, which is why, as you stated, I have to make up my own rules.

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