Mini case a yen for yuan solution

With increasing flows of light sweet crude oil, closely matching the crude diet of many Southeast Asian refiners, benchmark change could be forthcoming as producers re-evaluate how crude supplies are priced and question the validity of existing benchmarks. US crude exports have risen sharply since the repeal of the oil export ban. Asian nations have accounted for a large share of imports, ensuring the regional relevancy of US benchmark WTI in Asia.

Mini case a yen for yuan solution

Republic of China presidential election, Election results by county Green: Lacking a clear mandate and inheriting a bureaucracy largely loyal to the KMT, Chen tried to reach out to his opposition. He appointed the KMT conservative mainlander Tang Feia former general and the incumbent defense minister, as his first Premier.

Although a supporter of Taiwan independenceChen moderated his stance during his campaign and pledged the Four Noes and One Without in his inaugural address—that as long as the People's Republic of China has no intention to use military force against Taiwan, he would not declare independence nor change the national symbols of the Republic of China.

He also promised to be, "President of all the people" and resigned his chairmanship from the DPP. The stock market lost over half its value within a year and unemployment reached 4. While Chen's detractors blamed Chen's poor leadership for the economic crisis, the administration blamed the legislature for blocking its relief efforts.

This multibillion-dollar project in Gongliao District was already one-third completed and favored by the pro-business KMT as a means of avoiding an energy shortage.

However, the environmentalist DPP strongly objected to the expansion of nuclear power. Premier Tang had threatened to resign if the project were canceled, and Chen accepted his resignation on October 3,only four and a half months after both had taken office.

Chen appointed his political ally Chang Chun-hsiung as Tang's replacement. On October 27, Chang announced that the government would halt construction.

But less than an hour before, President Chen had met with Lien Chan to reconcile differences[ citation needed ].

Lien had asked Chen to leave the matter for the Legislative Yuan to decide and Chen seemed receptive to the suggestion. The Council of Grand Justices intervened and declared that it was the legislature and not the cabinet that had the power to decide on the issue.

This was widely seen as the end of Chen's attempts to face the pan-blue groups head on. The mayor of Houston presented Chen with a key to the city and gave him cowboy clothing.

His trip to New York was a first for a head of state from Taiwan as there was unwritten agreement between the US and China that no head of state from Taiwan would be permitted to visit either New York or Washington, D.

In the summer ofChen again became the chairman of the DPP. During his tenure, images of Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo disappeared from public buildings. Also continuing a trend from the previous administration, the Education Ministry revised the school curriculum to be more Taiwan-centered.


Such a pledge seemed unlikely for Chen since there remained strong opposition within his own party. Despite these symbolic gestures, Chen moved away from "no haste, be patient" policy and opened the three mini links. Republic of China presidential election, and shooting incident Election results by county Green: Lien-Soong In latehe signed a controversial referendum bill, which he had supported but was heavily watered down by the Pan-Blue majority legislature.

One concession that the legislature made was to include a provision for an emergency defensive referendum and during the legislative debates it was widely believed that this clause would only be invoked if Taiwan was under imminent threat of attack from China as has been so often threatened.

Mini case a yen for yuan solution

Within a day of the passage of the referendum bill, Chen stated his intention to invoke this provision, citing PRC's over missiles aimed directly at the Taiwanese.Zoom H6 Demo; The H6 Handy from Zoom is a portable handheld recorder and USB audio interface that features an interchangeable microphone system.

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