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Overview Shirley Stewart Burns decries the ecological devastation produced by mountaintop removal in Appalachia. US Census Bureau Despite living among the richest coal reserves and one of the most ecologically biodiverse regions in the world, the people in Central Appalachia, including those near my home in the southern West Virginia coalfields, are among the poorest people in the United States. Poverty rates here are at least twice that of the rest of the country.

Removal essay

Removal essay

Gunsalus in when he observed that aerobic oxygen-requiring bacteria could not grow without it. ALA is a natural substance, produced in every higher-type cell, and it has many functions.

Probably most importantly, ALA is the rate-limiting factor for the production of energy from carbohydrates pyruvate. Without ALA, you could not obtain energy from the food you eat, and you could not stay alive.

ALA is also an excellent antioxidant and recycles other nutrients such as co-enzyme Q, vitamin C, and vitamin E. In addition, ALA chelates heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic, and it stabilizes NF kappa B transcription factor so that it helps to inactivate deleterious genes.

It can also help people with diabetes mellitus by increasing the sensitivity of their cells to insulin, and it helps reverse diabetic neuropathies.

We administered ALA to 79 people with severe and acute liver damage at various hospitals around the United States, and 75 recovered full liver function. Bartter and I were appointed by the FDA as principal ALA investigators, and I Removal essay on to use it successfully for the treatment of chronic liver disease.

In combination with low-dose naltrexone, I have used ALA to treat various cancers for which no other treatment exists. For more information, readers might want to go to PubMed and type in "liver, Berkson.

A man was poisoned and suffering from acute liver failure. He was the sickest person that I had ever seen. Due to the relentless muscle cramping and pain, he could not find a comfortable resting position.

One of the department chiefs told me that nothing could be done to save his life except for an immediate liver transplant, however, a donor liver was not available. I was ordered to administer medical support and to just observe the patient as he went though the phases of death.

I was told to take notes and prepare a report for grand rounds at the hospital. Death from liver necrosis usually involves four separate stages: Because I did not want to see this happen to my patient, I began a search for a way to reverse his condition.


Fortunately, I remembered reading an article about a new drug that had been shown to be helpful in the treatment of severe liver damage. Dr Bartter was interested in this agent because he thought that because it lowered blood sugar levels, ALA might be used as a drug for diabetes mellitus and its complications.

Within a few hours, the patient began to feel better.

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We were all surprised that he continued to improve, and he was soon discharged from the hospital with nearly normal laboratory values and feeling a little tired, but normal. He is still well and free of liver disease, 30 years later. After I treated three more patients with severe liver damage with ALA and obtained the same remarkable results, most of the hospital chiefs were still skeptical, however, Dr.

Bartter and I were delighted. Bartter and I published three papers describing our successes with IV ALA, and we expected a certain amount of interest in this remarkable organ regenerative protocol. We were disturbed by the lack of attention from the American medical community.

Bartter died inand I continued to study ALA as a therapeutic agent and as a nutraceutical. Since my work with Dr. Bartter, I have treated hundreds of patients with IV and oral ALA for acute and chronic liver damage, autoimmune disease, cancer, etc.

Below are a few case studies of Hepatitis C taken from my office practice. In my opinion, there are four laboratory tests that really tell a doctor what is going on in the liver. The first is the platelet count. It is important because as liver inflammation and scarring progress, the platelet count goes down.

So, the platelet count is a very helpful indirect indication of liver health, and a rise in platelet count is an indication of a healing liver. I believe that the albumin level is the most important liver function test.

A diseased liver can only produce a small amount of albumin. So a person with severe liver disease has a low albumin level, and as the liver improves, the albumin level rises.Removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma.

At the conclusion of the colonials' war for independence from Britain, during which the Cherokee had fought alongside the British, a treaty was signed in establishing the boundaries of Cherokee territory.

Essay on Indian Removal Policy of settlers from the south to expand owning land from Five Indian tribes, which was called Indian Removal Policy (McNamara).

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The Five Indian tribes that were affected were Choctaws, Muskogee, Chickasaws, Cherokees, and the Seminoles. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec In South Africa, apartheid was an important factor in the forced removal of many innocent South Africans, due to the color of their skin. Feb 06,  · View and download indian removal act essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your indian removal act essay.

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Name: _____ Indian Removal Act Argumentative Essay Project When the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act in , it .

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