Short essay on tradition against modernity

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Short essay on tradition against modernity

But the supreme values of old Indian tradition are still relevant in Modern Indian Society, such as Simplicity and non- possession of material goods, Respect for the status and authority that go with power. The supreme value of life is, of course, Moksha, the release from the bonds of karma and the cycle of births.

All the other values and the attitudes that Hinduism commends have to be in harmony with this. This Modern Indian society cannot completely break itself from the old traditions. No society can do that, nor is it necessary for India.

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Her past is remarkably rich and varied, capable of providing a starting point for modernity. Indian Tradition offers numerous instances Short essay on tradition against modernity the spirit of free and critical inquiry of the highest intellectual order, determination to pursue truth regardless of where it leads a positive and secular approach to life and a tradition of abstract thought necessary for the growth of modern knowledge.

She can partly get it from her past and establish continuity with it. Indigenous symbols and myths are available, which can make the transition to modernity less traumatic than if would otherwise be.

The rich tradition and culture of India past can provides a bridge for the masses between the present and the future. Except for a handful, Indian intellectuals does not extend beyond the narrow sphere of their own professional work. Indians, particularly Hindus, actually keep two opposing sets of habit patterns.

Social reforms such as, abolition of un-touchablity, the dowry system are in full motion. But if a departure from tradition or custom, such as women taking up employment, holds promise of easily visualizable benefits, their response, even in the countryside, is more encouraging than metropolitan intellectuals are likely to imagine.

Whenever an imaginative leadership and enough facilities to inspire confidence have been available in recent times, people in the rural areas have shown commendable willingness to adopt new ideas and practices. Those who have watched the attitude of the agricultural community in western Maharashtra to programmes of work in the fields of education, agriculture and even family planning would be inclined to believe that the lack of leadership and facilities, not irrational attachment to tradition, is the real problem that advocates of modernity have to solve.

Indian Society continue to live in two worlds, the traditional and the modern, at the same time. What seems to have happened with most of us is that we have accepted modernity in our professional work, but we continue to be traditional in our values and attitudes unless personal gain is involved.

Consequently, the Western liberal institutions—universities, for example, or the press-introduced in India, still function largely in an authoritarian way. The latter refers to civilization and mainly implies a high level of literacy and urbanization with vertical and geographical mobility, a high per capita income and a sophisticated economy that has gone beyond the take-off stage.

Modernity, on the other hand, connotes a certain type of culture whose quality is determined by rationality, the liberal spirit in its broadest sense, plurality of opinion and centers of decision making, autonomy in the various fields of experience, secular ethics, and respect for the private world of the individual.

We need to identifying and preserve the precious elements of Indian culture such as Music, dance, handicrafts, and the like. One may also seek to preserve a great deal of the color and variety in certain aspects of Indian life such as food, dress, and festivals.

However, this is not enough. It is also necessary to identify the elements that must go if the spirit of modernity is not to be crushed under their weight. This implies an inquiry into the structure and working of each of our major institutions such as family, school, the university, etc.

Indian universities and colleges may be become a vital centers of a modern Indian culture. The can play an active role in the blending the old Indian traditions in the Modern society for its benefit.Tradition Against Modernity.

Modernity in the Indian sense is, Major Essay – Modernity “To be modern is to find ourselves in an environment that promises us adventure, power, published in is a short and slim page novel.

Short essay on tradition against modernity

Nader was born and raised in Winsted, Connecticut and is an American political activist, author, lawyer. Tradition vs modernity essay. college old chief mshlanga essays essay on pulp fiction funny metaphors used in high school essays jawaharlal nehru short essay on pollution discursive magpies judith wright poem analysis essays the purpose of a thesis in an essay essay textiles and fabrics for or against plastic surgery essay a marriage.

An Essay on Violence, Tradition and Modernity Rafael Leyre ([email protected]) Third Edition We sometimes met modernity for too short a while on the long, precarious path of progress. came under pressure when factions acted against consumption of certain animals and against the creation of images of living beings, and propagated.

Tradition against modernity Tradition and modernity are two terms used to express a whole range of differences between distant development stages in a lausannecongress2018.comion will always refer to the ways of the past and modernity to what is happening at the moment or will soon happen/5().

May 05,  · Tradition and Modernity in Europe In his essay, quot;Tradition and the Individual quot;The Lottery quot; is a short story Words Essay on Tradition vs.

Modernity Words Essay on Tradition vs. Modernity Modernity as opposed to tradition refers to an outlook that is generally future Short essay on the Development Essay on tradition.

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Tradition and Modernity both prevail side-by-side in India. Indian culture is a blend of tradition values and the modern spirit. Modernity is not altogether new in India.

Short essay on tradition against modernity

It is more than a hundred years old and has during this period been making steady headway.

Tradition against modernity essay