The history about morrisons

From the waves of the sea, a green mount and castellated wall, and issuing therefrom a cubit arm the hand grasping a dagger. Teaghlach Phabbay Family of Pabbay. History of Clan Morrison:

The history about morrisons

The chiefs of the clan were the Morrisons of Habost and Barvasand held the hereditary office of brieve. On consequence of this position The history about morrisons clan was also known as Clann-na Breitheamh. The Morisons held this office until ; and by the 19th century it was considered impossible to trace their descendants.

These numbers indicate a domination of the island for many centuries. At last the Morisons were forced to leave Lewis and take refuge with that part of their clan which was settled in Duirness and Edderachyllius, Sutherland, where still, inthe natives were all, except a few,of the three The history about morrisons of Mac Leay, Morison or Mcleod.

The personal name Muirgheas may be derived from the Gaelic elements muir, meaning "sea", and geas, meaning "taboo", "prohibition".

The surname Morrison is derived from the patronymic form of the personal name Morris. The family first gained the Bognie estate in the first part of the 17th century.

This is a pun on the surname; an example of canting arms. According to the 19th-century historian William C. Mackenzie, it is uncertain whether or not these Morisons have any connection with the Lewis Morisons.

Mackenzie noted that in the beginning of the 17th century, a son of the laird of Darcie went to Lewis to negotiate for the release of the Fife adventurers who had been held hostage.

The Indweller wrote this account sometime between about and and stated that the early inhabitants of Lewis were three men from three separate races. All Morisones in Scotland may challenge there descent from this man. The second was Iskair Mac. Awlay ane Irish man whose posteritie remain likvise to this day in the Lews.

The history about morrisons

The third was Macknaicle whose onlie daughter Torquill the first of that name and sone to Claudius the sone of Olipheous, who likewise is said to be the King of Noruway his sone, did violentlie espouse, and cutt off Immediatlie the whole race of Macknaicle and possessed himself with the whole Lews and continueth to his posteritie Macleud of Lews dureing 13 or 14 generations and so extinct before, or at least about the year the maner of his decay I omitt because I intend no historie but a descriptione.

The 19th-century historian F. Thomas noted that the Indweller's traditional account was partly at odds with the traditions current in the 19th century.

A Brief History

The 19th century tradition was that the heiress of the Morrisons would only marry a Morrison, and that Cain, who was a Macdonald from Ardnamurchanpassed himself off as a Morrison and consequently became her husband and thus brieve.

Thomas considered that it was from this son that the Indweller's Makurich was derived. Thomas maintained that it was through this marriage that the name Cain passed to the Macdonalds, and through them to the Lewis Morrisons, who still used it in the 19th century.

He considered that this man was the son of the Murdo who was the son, or grandson, of Iain Sprangach, founder of the MacDonalds of Ardnamurchan.

Thomas also noted that the Harris Morrisons claimed to descend from the original stock of Morrisons. They were called the Clan Igaa, or the Descendants of the Armourer. The power of this family also ended in an heiress who married Gillemhuirea natural son of Olaf the Blackand a bastard brother of Leod.

From them descended the Clan Gillemorrie, or 'Morison', afterwards so powerful as hereditary brieves or judges of the Lewes. The fort was once the seat of the Morrisons of Ness. The first Morrison on record is Hutcheon Scottish Gaelic: Hutcheon held the hereditary office of brieve, on Lewis.

Aodh then brought over a colony of about 60 families, mostly of his clan. As a result, Torquil was disinherited and the office of chief of the MacLeods passed to another. Torquil, having been raised a MacLeod his whole life, viewed himself as the legitimate chief and made an alliance with the previously peaceful Morrisons and the more aggressive Clan Mackenzie.

The conflict is said to have arisen after a group of Uig Macaulays raided cattle from Ness Morrisons. The Macaulays were only able to escape with their plunder as far as Barvas, where the two sides took to battle.

It is not known how many died in the conflict, though tradition states that the fallen were buried in the area, and that their graves were marked by cairns which have now since disappeared. In Juneit was reported that one of the traditional sites of the battle, and possibly the graves of the fallen, may be damaged by a proposed plan to erect three wind turbines in the area.

Lyon recognised John Morrison of Ruchdi as the 'principal chief of the whole name and clan of Morrison'. The Lord Lyon acknowledged that Morrison of Ruchdi could neither trace his descent from the Morrison brieves of Lewis, nor the Morrisons of Habost, nor the chiefs of the Morrisons of Lewis.

The Lord Lyon acknowledged that Morrison of Ruchdi was chief of the Morrisons of Ruchdi; and that he could trace his lineage back about twelve generations, in a Gaelic pedigree, back to the Morrisons in the Dun of Pabbay on Tarbert of Harris.

Lyon also recognised one 'area chief' or 'regional chief' under Morrison of Ruchdi: John Morrison, 1st Baron Margadale. Lyon declared that further area chiefs could be recognized in time.“Toni Morrison is an important novelist who continues to develop her talent.

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Morrison Clan History of Clan Morrison: There is a tradition that the ancestor of this Clan was a Norse Prince called Gilmhoire or Gillemorrie, possibly a half-brother of Leod, ancestor of Clan Macleod, who was shipwrecked and came ashore on the Island of Lewis on a piece of driftwood.

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