The unwinnable argument

Why focus on the sexuality and gender identities of service members and veterans? In a way, I asked them of myself, though the answer was easy for me to find due to my own life experiences.

The unwinnable argument

Flickr William McGurn wants Americans to feel bad about ending the unnecessary wars their government has waged on their behalf: In the 40 Aprils that have come and gone since, Vietnam has become shorthand for a political orthodoxy built on the idea that American military intervention overseas creates more problems than it solves.

This lesson is probably not acknowledged very often because it is untrue.

Post Vietnam War Historiography

In almost all cases, American military intervention in the last half century has created more problems than it solved.

Vietnam is hardly the only example of that, but it is one of the most appalling and costly examples of it. The costs that we should be worried about are those of the unnecessary wars that the U.

In Vietnam, as in many other places since then, the answer is clearly that our government had no business going to war there. It is simply absurd to draw a line from U.

McGurn is bizarrely trying to revive domino theory alarmism decades after it was thoroughly discredited. The truly sad and appalling thing about the end of the U.

For all of the obsession in Washington with maintaining U. Withdrawal from Vietnam did not make the Soviets doubt U. No one opposed to these wars pretends that this just disappears or fades away when U.

On the contrary, it is usually the advocates of military intervention that dismiss the idea that U. The fact that there will be serious consequences for a country after U. Instead, it usually tells us that the U.Claim: Barack Obama&#;s birth certificate is a Enter to win a year's worth of mortgage or rent payments!

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The unwinnable argument

And finally, not the best way to win this argument, either. An exclusive Fairfax-Ipsos poll has revealed the Coalition has suffered a horror slump in its primary vote from 39 to 33 per cent, while Peter Dutton has been spending the weekend taking soundings.

The unwinnable argument

David L. Applegate is a partner of Williams Montgomery & John Ltd., chair of the firm's intellectual property practice group and a member of the commercial litigation practice group. 50th ANNIVERSARY OF TET OFFENSIVE 'Lost' Cronkite broadcast reveals degree war flip 'Viet Cong suffered military defeat,' anchor reported days before history-making commentary.

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