Thesis header image above navigation

By default thesis navigation menu is in unfinished form in order to make finished we need to add background color or image. I have previously explained that how to add background color in navigation menu. Here we are seeing about how to add image in nav menu. There are number of ways available to choose perfect image to the navigation, in other words you can use singe image in rectangular size to the navigation menu or you can use bit of images to fix in navigation menu with perfect background image.

Thesis header image above navigation

Christina was the daughter of the rector of Stenbrohult, Samuel Brodersonius. The family moved into the rectory from the curate's house. Whenever he was upset, he was given a flower, which immediately calmed him.

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Nils spent much time in his garden and often showed flowers to Linnaeus and told him their names. Before that, ancestors had used the patronymic naming system of Scandinavian countries: When Nils was admitted to the University of Lundhe had to take on a family name.

The parents picked Johan Telander, a son of a local yeoman. Linnaeus did not like him, writing in his autobiography that Telander "was better calculated to extinguish a child's talents than develop them.

He reached the last year of the Lower School when he was fifteen, which was taught by the headmaster, Daniel Lannerus, who was interested in botany. Lannerus noticed Linnaeus' interest in botany and gave him the run of his garden.

Also a botanist, Rothman broadened Linnaeus' interest in botany and helped him develop an interest in medicine. Rothman believed otherwise, suggesting Linnaeus could have a future in medicine.


Nils accepted this offer. He taught Linnaeus to classify plants according to Tournefort's system. He also gave the student free admission to his lectures. Rothman based this recommendation on the two professors who taught at the medical faculty at Uppsala: Olof Rudbeck the Younger and Lars Roberg.

Although Rudbeck and Roberg had undoubtedly been good professors, by then they were older and not so interested in teaching. Rudbeck no longer gave public lectures, and had others stand in for him. The botany, zoology, pharmacology and anatomy lectures were not in their best state. This attracted the attention of Rudbeck; in Mayhe selected Linnaeus to give lectures at the University although the young man was only a second-year student.

His lectures were popular, and Linnaeus often addressed an audience of people. His friendship with Celsius did not wane and they continued their botanical expeditions.

His plan was to divide the plants by the number of stamens and pistils. He began writing several books, which would later result in, for example, Genera Plantarum and Critica Botanica. In December, Linnaeus had a "disagreement" with Rudbeck's wife and had to move out of his mentor's house; his relationship with Rudbeck did not appear to suffer.

That Christmas, Linnaeus returned home to Stenbrohult to visit his parents for the first time in about three years. His mother had disapproved of his failing to become a priest, but she was pleased to learn he was teaching at the University.

Expedition to Lapland and Flora Lapponica Wearing the traditional dress of the Sami people of Laplandholding the twinflowerlater known as Linnaea borealis, that became his personal emblem.

Martin Hoffman During a visit with his parents, Linnaeus told them about his plan to travel to Lapland ; Rudbeck had made the journey inbut the detailed results of his exploration were lost in a fire seven years afterwards.One of the things you always want to provide visitors to your website is a good search tool.

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A member asked for help in creating a header with a logo image on the left and the navigation menu on the right.

Thesis header image above navigation

This requires us to have 3 images, a main background image, a logo image and “current” menu condition image. Mar 31,  · Thesis Tutorial on How To Move Your Thesis Navigation Menu Below The Header on Your Thesis Theme for WordPress.

Last week I showed how you can create a simple menu using an (x)HTML list and I thought I’d use the same technique to create a simple navigation bar. Once again we’ll structure things with a list of links and use some CSS to turn that list into a navigation bar.

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