Thoughts of a serene domicile essay

We are usually at peace when there is nothing to worry about, no tension and no need to hurry. There is always something that causes worry, tension or fear, and that does allow us to feel peaceful and calm. Nevertheless, we can enjoy peace, regardless of the state of our outer circumstances. Peace of mind is an inner state, and is independent of outer conditions.

Thoughts of a serene domicile essay

Welcome to my Fifty Thoughts On Writing, a list full of random thoughts I've had that connect to the wonderful, weird, and occasionally painful life of a writer. I had also just finished half the books in the Howdunnit series, because it's always good to refresh your understanding of poisons and blunt-force trauma.

Oh, and a couple books on pandemics and how to make sure everybody has a good time—what if we threw a pandemic and everybody came?!

Thoughts of a serene domicile essay

Also, I had just revised three novels at a speed that, were the publishing world a reality show, would probably qualify me for a spot on the finale and a shot at the hundred thousand dollar grand prize So You Think You Can Write, with your host, Warren Ellis, will be back after a short break The end result of all that wallowing in the technical sides of the written word, as well as all that revising, was a whole lot of thinking about writing.

I mean, seriously, I never spend this much time just thinking about writing, and I spend the bulk of my time actually writing.


When I'm not writing, I'm whining about the fact that I'm not writing. Thinking about writing was fairly new to me. Because I believe firmly in the art of over-sharing, I decided to write down some of my conclusions about writing.

Technique, reality, functionality, revision, critique, the whole ball of wax. Because maybe that will get them out of my head, and allow me to get some goddamn work done.

Your mileage will absolutely vary. You may look at my list and go "wow, she's totally out of her tiny little blonde mind. My method of writing is not yours.

Your method of writing is not mine. And we should all be very grateful for that, because if we cloned my muse, the world would rapidly run out of absinthe and cherry pie.

The original list of thoughts turned into a series of essays, each spun out from a specific thought on writing. Some are long, some are short; some are serious, some are silly; all of them relate to the writer's life.

The essays have been syndicated by Aphelionan online magazine focused around speculative fiction and slightly less speculative fact. After the essays have appeared on Aphelion, they are linked here. Seanan's Fifty Thoughts on Writing 1. You're going to suck when you start. Sucking when you start is okay.

Every new project, no matter how brilliant the idea at the heart of it happens to be, is going to start by sucking. Just deal with it, and soldier through. Every sentence is a learning experience. The rules of English grammar were devised by an evil linguist who had a bone to pick with the adherents of the more traditional schools of the written word.

They laughed at him in the academy, and we bastards are still paying today. You don't need to have a perfect grasp of the seventeen thousand occasionally conflicting rules to be a writer; that's what editors and proofreaders are for.

At the same time, you can't just throw a bunch of words at the page and expect to have all your work done for you. Learn the basic rules of punctuation and grammar before you subject other people to your work.

They can squabble over the Oxford commas at their leisure.As defined by Webster's New World Dictionary, "domestic" means "of one's own country" and "tranquility" is defined as "the quality or state of being tranquil, calm or serene"; therefore, domestic tranquility can be interpreted as peace or serenity in the United States/5(3).

Freedom from Thoughts Leads to Serenity of Mind by Remez Sasson We enjoy inner peace and feel happy and satisfied when life flows smoothly, and we have good relationships, good health, a good job and a good financial situation.

A serene disciple is aware that there are rules but at the same time he understands that they are just rules or rituals.

Jesus broke the Jewish rules by healing a sick person on Sabbath day. David broke the rule when he ate the bread in the temple.

Essay about Mystical Experiences - Mystical or Spiritual experiences occur everyday in so many ways for so many different people. Some people tend to encounter these experiences through religious rituals or even just on thoughts of life itself. The original list of thoughts turned into a series of essays, each spun out from a specific thought on writing.

Some are long, some are short; some are serious, some are silly; all of .

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Aug 30,  · Creating an oasis of inner peace can be hard work. Actively interacting with a chaotic outer world often threatens to undo all that has been accomplished. Consequently, we may begin to minimize engagement with our environment.

As a conscious, unafraid preference, this is unremarkable.

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