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Uri online judge academic writing

In order to assess the use of such new tools in designing effective outreach strategies, the ICC must first conduct mapping exercises to determine the level of access and technology infrastructure within a given community.

Summary Outreach is a critical component of the work of the ICC. Claims to the contrary can be countered through an assessment of the mandate and purpose of international justice.

Addressing any security threats, including through new technology, is crucial to this initial assessment phase. In terms of technology tools which facilitate communication, the ICC has several options for building partnerships with technology partners, including on the provision of hardware and tools which facilitate connectivity.

Finally, in terms of the substance of the engagement, the ICC can also maximize partnerships with actors currently generating content on the work of the Court.

However, technology tools cannot replace the need for developing culturally sensitive and gender appropriate methodologies, and securing the funding from the Member States in order to ensure the ICC is co-developing strong outreach and public information strategies with the affected communities.

Expand Argument The premise that international courts ought to conduct outreach is disputed. Indeed, these criticisms may appear to have been borne out historically, since both the Ad Hoc Tribunals for Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia did not include public information as part of the official budget and instead outreach was funded by a small group of States on a voluntary basis.

However, there are several ways in which the very foundations of international justice require robust outreach and public information processes. Firstly, assessments of past tribunals have demonstrated that without outreach, international justice takes place in a decontextualized vacuum which risks rendering the entire legal process pointless.

An in-depth population-based survey of the communities in Rwanda demonstrated that the work of the Rwanda Tribunal was virtually unknown to the majority of the population in Rwanda.

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The conclusion of this study identified that outreach was crucial in providing information about the cases and understanding about the justice processes, including how cases were selected and how judges determined guilt through convictions or acquittals.

Such information provided citizens the opportunity to situate the legal process within the broader community healing process and reconciliation. First, the Preamble to the Rome Statute links accountability with peace and security, 6 which thereby recognizes the broader context within which the Court operates, and thus the need for the Court to interact with actors outside the court.

This places an obligation on the Court to engage with the full range of constituents responsible for maintaining peace and security, including directly to citizens through outreach and public information.

Secondly, the Preamble highlights the objective of the international community to prevent crime through the work of the ICC. This is particularly the case for the ICC which, unlike the previous Ad Hoc Tribunals, includes components of the civil law system through the victim participation process.

This increased knowledge of the Court and its methods of operation will have a positive impact on the ability for outside actors to interact with the Court and thereby enhance the ability of the Court to achieve its mandate.

After establishing that the ICC is required to conduct outreach and public information, it is then necessary to determine what activities constitutes outreach, and in turn, what challenges exist to the implementation of outreach. Outreach does not have a strict technical definition and its meaning is not set out in the core legal documents of the Court.

However, the ICC has publicized its own definitions through its public website and its official reports, including most recently in the Report of the Court on the Public Information Strategy — According to the ICTJoutreach and public information programs should ensure that accountability processes are: Both these issues positive complementarity and legacy are yet to be addressed in a clear strategy by the Court and the Member States.

There are several emerging new tools, particularly those utilizing technology, which can assist the Court in overcoming challenges to outreach and facilitate the Court in achieving its mandate. Within the parameters of these definitional issues, many concrete challenges can be identified.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Value-Neutrality, Professional Ethics, and the Dissemination of Information. David Sherman. In the post-9/11, post-PATRIOT Act cultural environment, some institutions have come under criticism by people who feel their openness and accessibility contribute to a vulnerability that terrorists could exploit in order to cause harm.


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uri online judge academic writing
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