Why is important to learn english

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Why is important to learn english

Rita Rani Essay Introduction: English is a global language. For various reasons English has got the status of International language.

Why is important to learn english

English is important for other reasons also. The present age is an age of globalization. Anything produced or invented in any part of the world gets global character or recognition very rapidly.

To keep pace with the process of globalization, we need to learn English. Conversely, the globalizing process requires single language for international communication. For various reasons English has achieved the prestige of global language.

As a result,it has crossed the national borders of English speaking countries and reached people who speak other languages. English As An International Language: Today about million people speak English as the first language and another million use it as a second language.

It is the official or semi- official language in more than 60 countries and of many international organizations. International organizations held their meeting in English.

English is widely spoken all over the world. When people of two different language meet or need to communicate, they resort to a third language for better mutual communication and understanding. English,for its widespread use and acceptance,plays the role of the common language well.

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That is why English is called Lingua Franca or Common language. Today importance of English needs no explanation. English is important for a number of reasons: English is used widely by international business community.

Why is important to learn english

To communicate across national borders and maintain correspondence with overseas business parties or professionals,English is essential. English is important for higher education and specialized training. Most of the books on any subjects are written in English or quickly translated in English.

English is the medium of instruction in Education in most universities and higher education institutes of the world.

English is essential for getting a good job and better salaries. Multinational business organizations and many international corporations ask for people who have a good working knowledge of English. Even job advertisements in local market also require English knowing people.is a browser.

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English is also hugely important as an international language and plays an important part even in countries where the UK has historically had little influence. It is learnt as the principal foreign language in most schools in Western Europe.

Learning English is important and people all over the world decide to study it as a second language. Many countries include English as a second language in their school syllabus and children start learning English at a young age.

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Reasons why learning English is important