Writing a personal reference for child custody

If you have an amicable divorce proceeding and can agree on how to effectively parent the children, you may include the Child Parenting Plan which you can fill out yourself and bring before the court. Child custody laws vary from state to state, therefore, the forms may be slightly different. Most custody cases follow the same general procedure. This petition requires that you tell the court the street address where the other parent lives.

Writing a personal reference for child custody

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Because these matters are often fraught with emotion, it can be difficult to separate facts from feelings. However, that is exactly the purpose of a child custody affidavit.

Affidavit Basics This legal statement is a sworn document that is typically witnessed by a notary before being filed at the court. Usually, the affidavit helps the court decide where the children will live while the divorce case is pending.

The affidavits are an opportunity for both parties to state why they should have custody of the children, at least on a temporary basis. What Should Be Included in the Affidavit? In fact, they may very well harm their pursuit of custody. These phrases also demonstrate the credibility of the affiant as they show that he or she has firsthand knowledge of the events.

Whenever possible, include dates, times and locations as these details may all lend further credibility to the affidavit. Alternatively, the affiant may sometimes use a sheet of legal paper that includes the caption of the case. The caption includes the names of the parties to the case and the court-assigned case number.

More On This Topic.SAMPLE AFFIDAVIT ___City___Registry I am the Petitioner in this matter and as such have personal knowledge of the matters herein referred to by me except where indicated to be on information and belief and where so If there is a child custody agreement in.

writing a personal reference for child custody

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writing a personal reference for child custody

Unlike many legal documents, a character reference letter for child custody may employ informal language. Additionally, a character letter may be concise and provide a brief statement indicating that the character reference believes that the parent is a fit custodian for the child.

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